Top 10 Best Product in Home Kit 2017

Have you ever tried to fix something in your home only to find that you can’t because you lack some basic tools? Worry not, this happens a lot, and to lots of people all over the world. However, stocking your own set of home improvement tools is always a good idea. Can you imagine having to call a paid handyman to help you fix or replace a wall socket (or other essential fixtures) just because you lack a simple screwdriver? Or paying a plumber to tighten up a few kitchen or bathroom pipes just because you don’t have a wrench? Do you always find yourself turning to your neighbors to borrow tools and equipment such as stepladders or hammers?

Maintaining a clean and safe home (in tip-top condition) may sometimes require you to get your hands dirty from time to time with some simple DIYs here and there. Having the right tools can really come in handy during such occasions. No matter what tool-related or home improvement project you find yourself in… proper tools ensure that the job is not only completed fast, but also done well!

Contrary to what you may believe (or what the MythBusters TV Sci-Fi program duo – Adam and Jamie – may want you to believe…), duct tape can’t fix everything!

From power tools, to hand tools and everything else in between, here are the top 10 best selling home improvement tools that every homeowner needs in their tool-box (or tool shed… or garage…).


#10 – The 56-Bit Syntus Precision (60-in-1) Screwdriver Kit – with “Magnetic” Screwdriver

The Syntus (60-in-1) multi-magnetic screwdriver kit comes with 54 unique bits in all sizes and an extra electronics repair tool kit for tablets, cell phones, pc (including Macbooks), iPhones, and game consoles such as Xbox. This kit allows you to screw and unscrew everything in (and around) your home with ease and unmatched convenience. You can also include the – Aisxle Damaged Screw Extractor Set – which is available with a set of 4 stripped screw removers to help you dig out damaged hard-to-reach and annoyingly stuck screws (with broken heads) measuring between 3mm and 12mm. It takes only a few twists and a simple 2-step process to pull out any damaged screws (from any surface…).

Aisxle Damaged Screw Extractor Set


#9 – DIY Steel Hammer with Wood (Gift Engraved) Handle: “Thank You for Helping Me Build My Life“

No household is complete without a hammer. Whether you need to drive in nails or pull them out, knock a few joints or pieces into place, or mold metallic parts, a hammer is always useful in any home. This hard-steel hammer has a smoothly polished hardwood (firm-grip) handle that is beautifully engraved with the words: “Thank you for helping me build my life”. This also makes it the perfect father’s day gift for all proud DIY dads who love hitting things hard. Being a claw hammer means you can use it for than just pulling out nails… like bending wires or any other creative uses you can possibly think of (or encounter). The elegant compact hammer is built to last.


#8 – The Knipex (8603250) Pliers/Wrench – 10 Inch

The Knipex pliers-wrench combo tool is both versatile and strong enough to withstand any amount of force. This awesome combo tool can be used to tighten plumbing pipes all over the house and gas pipes as well. Additionally, the pliers can also be used to fasten or loosen nuts with ease. All you need to do is push a button and the Knipex pliers wrench will adjust to hold or grip any work piece. The ratchet principle also makes it easy to work with the Knipex without slipping or shifting the tool’s excellent gripping (parallel) jaws. With up to 17 adjustment settings to accommodate different sized locknuts (and work pieces…), this tool can be used for fastening, pressing, gripping, bending, and holding without damaging plated or soft materials. The slim profile is an added advantage because this means the Knipex can fit into tight spaces.

Whether it’s breaking tile edges or exerting pressure on glued parts to activate adhesives, the Knipex pliers wrench is a great tool-box inclusion.


#7 – Dewalt (DCD771C2) Compact Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Cordless Drill & Driver Kit – 1/2 inch (20V MAX)

The Dewalt cordless (and brushless) drill/driver kit is an ideal (and a must have) power tool for all DIYers out there. An ergonomic handle for both right and left-handed working comfort, compact build for for stable use and durability, a 2-speed motor running at 450 and 1500 RPM with a 300 UWO (Unit Watts Out) rating, and a lightweight design for easy handling… the DCD771C2 is quite competitive in its class. It may not be the perfect choice for an everyday handyman, but it’s the ultimate beast for home DIYers. Add the quick bit swapping action plus the dual functionality (drilling holes + driving screws) and you have a tool that’s worth your consideration. You can virtually work from all angles and the LED light allows you to work in limited lighting or in total darkness.

Note: The LED light has a 10-seconds delay after the trigger is released which gives you more time to place it properly in case you’re working in dark areas.

The portable Dewalt DCD771C2 comes with a tough contractor carrying bag but you can also get a waist holster to make you look even cooler when working.


#6 – AmazonBasics Outdoor Power Extension Cord – 50 Feet with Orange Vinyl Coating – (16/3)

All homeowners will agree that it comes a time when outdoor activities may require some electric power. Whether it’s powering up gadgets, lights, or hooking up the music system for an outdoor party, a power extension cord is yet another vital home improvement tool that you just can’t afford to live without! The AmazonBasics outdoor extension cord (with vinyl all-weather coating) is much easier to use with lawnmowers since it has less bulk than regular extension socket with multiple outlets. The bright orange color ensures that the cable is always visible even under thick grass. Homeowners can also include the –Belkin Multi-Outlet Power Extension Socket with Surge Protector (BE112230-08) which comes with 12 outlets for your convenience and an 8-foot cord.

The AmazoBasics vinyl extension cord can also be used indoors to help power up electric gadgets that are far away from power outlets.

Belkin Multi-Outlet Power Extension Socket with Surge Protector (BE112230-08)

#5 – Kershaw Clash Folding Knife with Serration & SpeedSafe Opening – 1605CKTST

Every tool box needs a knife. And not just any knife, you need a knife that can handle (or cut through…) all sorts of materials with little effort. The Kershaw folding knife is not only a tough reliable ally, its stylish and quite useful for various tasks around your home. Kershaw (the company) have really come along way and the decades of continuous innovation (especially in the production of portable pocket knives) are quickly recognizable at a glance of the Clash. And don’t let the lightweight fool you either… the Kershaw Clash can cut through tough materials such as ropes, plastic, other types of soft synthetic materials, and webbing. The shape of the partly serrated blade’s belly turns this multi-tasking knife into a valuable tool.

Another feature that most homeowners love about this knife is the SpeedSafe smooth opening function which releases the blade from the handle with just a flick of the lever. The assisted blade release is coupled with a blade locking system (liner lock) to enable you to work with the knife comfortably and safely without fear of any unnecessary accidents. The Kershaw’s black oxide coating gives it a nice non-reflective finish and also ensures that the (drop-point) blade remains corrosion free. You’ll also be glad to know that the smoothly-curved handle (with a groove for the index finger) is made using textured glass-filled nylon for a solid non-slip grip in case you need to apply extra force.

Please Note: This pocketknife is also good for hunting, fishing, and outdoor camping.


#4 – The Original (300 Lumen) J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight – Ultra Bright LED with 3-Mode Flashlight

Sitting at the top of its category is the J5 original (ultra-bright) tactical flashlight with (blinding) 300 lumens and 3 flashlight modes (Strobe, High/Low, and Intelligent). No home owner can afford to live without a flashlight. Some households have several flashlights. However, the J5 V1-Pro is not your regular flashlight; the rugged outer casing is designed for rough use and to withstand prolonged abuse without falling apart. The strong beam of light can go as far as 600 feet (2 football fields) and the best part is… this amazing flashlight only runs on a single AA battery! The J5 is quite economical and totally useful for various purposes such as visiting your unlit basement or attic… or even camping. Finding your way in the dark becomes an easy task with the J5 300 lumens tactical flashlight.


#3 – The Multi-Purpose Qooltek Laser Level with Built-In 8-foot Measure Tape + Ruler

Working on flat surfaces may sometimes require us to have a leveling bubble, and a tape measure if any measurements are critical to the job at hand. You may also need a laser pen to help you pinpoint the right spot when working out distances between objects or for instance, ensuring that nails follow a straight line when being driven into a piece of board or a wall.

Now, let me introduce you to the Qooltek Multipurpose laser level with a ruler, a 3-point bubble level, and 8-ft measuring tape… triple combined function in one amazing and very affordable home tool! The (class IIIA) laser beam has a maximum power output of 3.5mW and it can be adjusted to project a vertical line, a horizontal line, or a cross depending on what you need the laser level for. This laser functionality also comes with a safety on/off switch. The Qooltek multipurpose measuring tool redefines accuracy and it is ideal for shelving, leveling hanged wall pictures, hanging new wallpaper, and laying floor tiles among others. Artists and calligraphers also find the Qooltek very useful in their daily endeavors.

Warning: Direct exposure to the eyes can cause irreversible damage.


#2 – BLACK + DECKER Lithium Cordless Hand-Vac – CHV1410L (16V)

Never leave dirt and debris behind after your hard work. Cleaning after yourself is the last (and most prudent) thing you should do every time you perform tasks around your home. The B&D cordless hand vacuum is the ultimate cleaning partner and a valuable collection to your tools collection. It is lightweight, has a long lasting battery that holds charge for close to 18 months, and the cyclonic technology helps keep the filter clean. The see-through (bagless) dirt bowl allows you to see when the hand-vac is full and it can be removed easily for cleaning.This sleek cordless hand-vac boasts high efficiency and innovative design. It comes with a 2 years warranty. It also features multiple surface cleaning attachments.


#1 – Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Stool with Plastic Steps, Hand Grip and Steel Frame

A ladder is one of those simple pieces of equipment that you never really think you need until you actually need it! Reaching top shelves in the garage or in the kitchen, working on light fixtures, painting a room, cleaning those (high) hard to reach corners of the house… a ladder is good for so many little yet important things around your home.

The 3-step Rubbermaid folding step ladder features sturdy large and soft plastic steps approximately 27 inches off the ground (highest standing height); enough to give you a 9-foot height reach. It folds up easily for storage. The Rubbermaid RM-3W is classified as a type III duty ladder and the stainless steel frame guarantees durability. The 13-lbs ladder has a (recommended) maximum capacity of 200 pounds.

All the above highlighted tools are just the basics; but surely a must have for every homeowner with a knack for DIY projects. It wouldn’t hurt to stock one or two rolls of duct tape for quick fixes although you need proper tools at your disposal for those tasks that require more than just sticking broken stuff together. Another tool that comes highly recommended for homeowners is the Suspension Multi-Plier from Gerber. This little tool has 12 awesome components that include a bottle opener to help you pop open that cold drink at the end of your task. And lastly, of course, you need to take precaution when using (or storing) these tools and equipment, especially power tools. Remember, safety comes first!

Warning: Never leave tools lying around unattended in a household with small children. Carelessly strewn tools are also a major hazard for adults as well. Always clean (where applicable) and store your tools safely after each use.