Top 10 Best Product in toy and games for kids in 2017

Top 10 Best Product in toy and games for kids in 2017

Which one is the best toys that are available for kids? There are an infinite number of toys & games option to choose from. It will be an undoubtedly difficult task to choose a perfect toy or game for kids.

It is obvious that kids only love the latest & trendy toys, as something else will be an ordinary choice for them. We are going to update you about the top 10 Best seller in new releases toy and games reviewer in 2017.

1. Hatchimals Colleggtibles

– There are over than 70 bunch of cute, mystical, interactive eggs but there is one creature in each egg. Kids have to hold the hatchimals in hand & rub the heart. When it will be ready to hatch, the color of the heart will start changing from purple to pink. Just press the egg & discover the Hatchimals Colleggtibles inside it.You can buy it from amazon for $9.98.



2.Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

– If you want your children to learn more about coding then it is the best toy for them. It also helps to develop various skills like proper designing & development, grow their imagination & helps to induce problem-solving nature. This toy is full of colorful lights with various sound effects.You can buy it from amazon for $35.90.



3. Fidget Cube

– This is the perfect toy for children as well as for adults. It helps to reduce stress & nervousness. It is made from best quality nonplastic silicon materials that are not so cheap. You can toss it, switch, spin which will reduce your anxiety level. It keeps you busy & focused.You can buy it from amazon for $7.90.



4. Cozmo

– It is an adorable, cool & interactive toy robot which has its own feeling & thought. It can surely keep your entire family entertained & they will love to play with this new family member. The more you spend time with it, the more it will learn about you like your name, facial recognition & various emotions.You can buy it from amazon for $179.99



5.Selfie-mic Music Set

– For the future superstars, the selfie mic is made up of selfie stick attached with a microphone & a single side earphone. You can sing, do lip syncs or enact on your favorite songs. The application is available for both Android & IOS users.You can buy it from amazon for $ 24.10



6. LEGO City Advent Calendar Building Kit

– It can keep your children busy for a long time. It consists of 290 pcs, features 24 different items like the house, vehicles, various items etc & includes 2 firefighters, 2 ice hockey player, a Santa, volcano worker & a dog. It is an engaging game for kids.You can buy it from amazon for $39.95



7. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBow

– This is a cute dog that loves to move. With just a press of the button, it enables the light, music & dance from the cute dog. It comes with bright color & has soft, fluffy ear. Your baby will surely start dancing with this cute toy.You can buy it from amazon for $18.99



8. Bloxels

– It is full of fun to build your own video game. You need to download the free Bloxel building app & start creating unlimited games. A game board is also provided to create a similar layout of the room. You need to design & develop the game. This game works on Android, IOS & Kindle as well.You can buy it from amazon for $23.25



9. Fidget Spinner

– If you don’t want to use click or flip or switching to ease out your stress then fidget spinner is just perfect for you. It increases your focus & reduces your stress anywhere at home, office or at school. It is really pocket-friendly as it comfortably fits into your pocket & there are no sharp edges & it feels smooth. It is perfect for both kids & adults.You can buy it from amazon for $11.99



10. Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit

– For all num noms fan doesn’t miss out the chance to grab this wonderful product. It helps you to create your shiny scented lip gloss. It also includes a scented truck play set, lip gloss ingredients, scented num, collector’s menu & three small containers.You can buy it from amazon for $26.49