Top 10 Best Product in Technology 2017

Top 10 Best Product in Technology 2017

10. SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Card

This Android external memory card has continued to be a preference for most buyers. With 10 years warranty, the compatible adapter and 80MB/s speeds of importing and exporting files, it seems to meet the demands of the modern world. The 32GB capacity also favors most Android phones and tablets, with its pricing at below $15 making it an affordable accessory.


9. Fire TV Stick Streaming Remote

For this TV stick, the incorporation of Alexa technology and over 10,000 games and apps make it feature in the Top 10 Best seller in Technology reviewer in 2017. You can instruct the stick to search through Hulu, Netflix or even order a can using the app[s installed in this stick. Users also enjoy wireless connections to stream videos, which would have otherwise required wiring.


8. Horizon: Zero Dawn Standard Edition 

Sony PlayStations released the standard edition that has the advanced technological approach, which improves on details and graphical presentation. Most customers appreciate the lively nature of the games including the updated machines and concepts of gameplay. The adventures in the Horizon Zero Dawn cut across the modern and old societies, a factor that seems to have customers rate it as the best PlayStation in 2017.


7. Cards against Humanity

For game lovers, this set of cards presents infinity ideas for both the teenagers and adults. It has a total of 550 cards, where 90 of them are black cards which have the query and white cards that contain the answer. The white cards have funny answers, which brings in the fun into the game. With over 36,000 customer reviews and a 4.8 Amazon rating, the creativity and relevance of these cards make it among the best sellers in this category.


6. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

It comes with a rechargeable battery, Lighted display, and a light adjustment system. It is useful for reading in day and night light intensities, with the battery receiving a retouch to last a minimum of a week at full utilization. They come in black and white options, all at the same price and same functioning properties.


5. SENSO ActivBuds Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to headphones, SENSO rates at the Top 10 Best seller in Technology reviewer in 2017. The Activbuds and Noise suppression technology are among the favoring features of these gadgets. The upgraded sound system provides quality sounds. In addition, the battery can support a 9-hour continuous usage, a factor that promotes convenience and sustainability aspects for the modern man.


4. Amazon Echo – Black

This Alexa-enabled sound system has high sensitivity, surround system and a range of applications. Users can use it for monitoring and control of connected appliances at home, thanks to the advanced technology installed. The wireless connectivity and Free Alexa App, it is possible for users to use Android and iOS applications. It also provides phone services such as calls and texts, making it a sustainable investment.


3. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Wristband

It used Bluetooth and internet technology to transfer charge to mobile devices and computers. The fact that it is a wrist gadget means that it is portable and efficient for charging all devices. The design is sweat and waterproof, which further promotes its functionality. It takes a maximum of two hours to recharge and can be used to monitor your body pulse rates and receiving notifications.


2. ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem 

This cabled modem features in the Top 10 Best seller in Technology reviewer in 2017 due to the fast internet speeds, according to customer reviews. It is compatible with the trendy IPv4 and IPv6, which makes it a classy gadget to have. Although most people are adapting to wireless technologies, the presentable cable, and quality of service that this modem provides make it compete with the wireless versions.


1. BalanceFrom High Accuracy Memory Track

This model comes with a bathroom scale that uses the Smart Step-on Technology to monitor the body. The precision technology used enables users to get accurate answers that area consistent and useful in setting out workouts and detecting possible cardio problems. The LED display is large enough for eligibility and increased visibility for everyone.This is quite amazing.